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We are 100% motivated by the Students.

You would not believe how enthusiastic we are about Education and Inspiring Students about Nature in regards to Science with Technology.

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The Challenge Chimp has been Mailing Out Exclusive invitations for the most Qualified or show enough growth potential to make a Growth Impact in the Chimp Challenge Competition for individuals to compete in competent that allows them to explore interest or get a boost in their career. All the information we create, submitted to our Tumblr, or provided in any other means by way of our Link Tree in regards to offering challenges that develop and refine skills in a career or hobby of interest. And you don’t have to spend any money. Unless you want to contribute to our endless quest of planting trees, recycling, composting, and caring for the ecosystem and maintaining balance by contributing to the Paper Maker: Nature’s Newsletter, the newsletter that generates paper and saves paper. It outlines all available available opportunities to obtain resources generate money rather than spending it. It even guides you on how to grow your money. The Big Bank Bussiness

Meet The Green I am Jamal Muwwakkil The “Green Scientist”: A CEO/Manager Leading Nature’s Uprise to Inspire Students in Science w/ Technology, instilling Growth Mindsets, Transforming into Visionary Leaders w/ Sustainability to Empower World Communities! -Linkedin. I started Nature’s Uprise out of a passion for Ecology and the endless quest for Knowledge. I spent so much time researching somewhat complex topics to find an indoor, at-home, aquarium hobbyist solution to developing a complete ecosystem that can maintain itself essentially. It all pretty much boiled down to taking care of and maintaining the water. And boy oh boy does water have so many different properties to measure. I’m not talking about simply measuring the pH, but any chemical it mixes or comes in contact with can impact its properties. Which impacts maintenance. Boy, do I like to ramble? Telling my story seems like such a distraction and a disservice to me. If you really are interested in my story I will be repurposing my rambles about me in the Medium Blog. Otherwise, you can always contact us or join the Green Team as an Intern.


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